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1   Link   نهمين كنگره بين‌المللي مهندسي عمران
دانشكده مهندسي
عمران دانشگاه صنعتي اصفهان، نهمين كنگره
بين‌المللي مهندسي عمران را در روزهاي 21-19
ارديبهشت ماه 1391 برگزار مي‌نمايد.
اطلاعات بيشتر در مورد اين كنگره در وبگاه
آن به آدرس زير موجود مي‌باشد:
2   Link   Shamsher Prakash Foundation
Shamsher Prakash Foundation solicits nomination (no application) for the "2011 SHAMSHER PRAKASH PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE PRACTICE OF GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING" for young persons(45 years) primarily from practicing engineers from all over the world. Nominations are invited so as to reach the Honorary Secretary on or before June 30, 2011. The candidates should be specialists in Geotechnical Engineering and/or Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and it is necessary that they have significant independent contributions to practice and show promise of excellence. The Prize consists of US $1100.00 and a plaque. The nominations may be made on plain paper. The age may be relaxed in exceptional cases at the discretion of the judging committee.

All nominations will be reviewed by a Judging Committee of International Experts from Canada, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan and United States. The award will be announced by October 31, 2011. Suitable arrangements will be made for awarding the Prize at an appropriate ceremony in the country of residence of the winner.


Please send only ONE complete nomination package in PDF format to the Foundation electronically and 1 CD-R by mail. The following information must be included in this order in each folder:

1. Name of the Candidate with complete postal address and telephone, fax number, E-mail, date of birth, age on June30,2011
2. Letter of Nomination including a statement of 500 words of the Significant Contributions and/or international impact on practice and future potential.
3. Two to Four more letters of recommendation
4. Chronology of education
5. Chronology of jobs held
6. Area of specialization
7. Complete list of professional jobs completed with significant input and list of referred publications
8. One 5" x 7" color digital photo with citation for listing, if winner
9. Any other relevant information and/or international impact and future potential.

Please make sure to put all the above information in a single PDF file only not to exceed 5MB size.

For any other further information, please contact: Shamsher Prakash .
3   Link   مقايسه قبل و بعد از زلزله در ژاپن
4   Link   کانون مهندسان ایران
نجمن مذکور به تازگی و به منظور ایجاد فضایی مناسب جهت تبادل نظر و همفکری دانشجویان و اساتید گرایشهای مختلف مهندسی و همچنین دست اندرکاران صنعت کشور راه اندازی شده است. این وبسایت نوپا که نخستین روزهای عمر خود را سپری می کند، مکانی مناسب جهت ارایه مقالات، مطالب مفید و مرتبط با گرایشهای مهندسی و ارتباط تنگاتنگ جامعه مهندسی بوده و با توجه به ماهیت انجمنی آن، موفقیت و پیشرفت آن مستلزم حضور مستمر و فعالیت روزانه کاربران آن است. اگر چه تا کنون سایتهای بسیاری مشابه این پایگاه به فعالیت مشغول بوده و هستند، اما مدیران کانون انجمن مهندسان ایران که همگی سابقه قابل قبولی در خدمت به صنایع مادر دارند امیدوارند با همت عالی کلیه کاربران سایت، در پیشبرد اهداف علمی این سایت موفقیت خوبی کسب نمایند. مسلماً موفقیت انجمنهایی این چنین، فقط و فقط در گرو همکاری همه جانبه اعضای آن بوده و صرفاً کاربران آن سایت، بقای آنرا تعریف و تضمین می کنند.
5   Link   GeotechLinks
GeotechLinks is a free internet link directory for geotechnical engineers and researchers. Here you can find internet links to online free books, manuals, thesis, papers and reports in geotechnical engineering field. In GeotechLinks, we don't send you to another internet page containing tens or hundreds links, we try to guide you directly to your desired document. Remember that GeotechLinks is not provider or reviewer of any of the links, it just tries to put them together in related categories.
6   Link   Geotechnical Eng. Conferences
List of International Geotechnical Engineering Conferences
7   Link   International Association for Computer Methods and advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG)
International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics
8   Link   The International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM)
The International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM) was founded to promote advances in computational mechanics. For the purposes of the Association, the subject of computational mechanics was defined as the development and application of numerical methods and digital computers to the solution of problems posed by engineering and applied science with the objectives of understanding and harnessing the resources of nature.
9   Link   Dr. Hamid Alielahi