Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study the effect of inherent anisotropy on soil behavior            0000-00-00
2    A study on the Micromechanical behavior of inherently anisotropic granular materials            0000-00-00
3    Determination of stress-fabric relationship for anisotropic granular materials            0000-00-00
4    Study and simulation of the mechanical behavior of reinforced soil walls using different soil constitutive models            0000-00-00
5    Determination of bearing capaciy formula of ring footinngs by considering the footing roughness            0000-00-00
6    Micromechanical study on the noncoaxiality of stress and strain rate tensors in geanular materials            0000-00-00
7    Analysis and Prediction of ground settlement in Mashhad Urban Rialway Line 2            0000-00-00
8    Investigation of rainforced soil wall collapse using two-phase model            0000-00-00
9    Efficacy of Using Sand Cushion in Arresting Heave of Irrigation Canals    M.Sc.    zafar zadeh, nasrolah    2011-11-09
10    Mechanical behavior modelling of sand-tire mixtures using discrete element method.    M.Sc.    Rezazadeh Eidgahee, Danial    2011-12-06
11    Settlement prediction for ring foundations on sand    M.Sc.    Naseri, Mojtaba    2011-12-24
12    Effect of particle crushing on mechanical behavior of granular materials using Discrete Element Method    M.Sc.    Aminzadeh, Ali    2012-01-21
13    bearing capacity of ring foundation    M.Sc.    GHOLAMI, HAMED    2012-01-30
14    Estimation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations Via Standard Genetic Programming    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Mehdi    2012-12-08
15    Evaluation of size effect on sand-tire mixture shear strength by Direct shear Test    M.Sc.    rezapour, alireza    2013-03-11
16    Simulation of blast loading on underground structures buried in Soil    M.Sc.    Seyedan, SeyedMohammadJavad    2013-05-14
17    Experimental investigation of arching phenomena in granular materials by using a developed trapdoor apparatus    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Ali    2013-05-14
18    Numerical modeling of reinforced soil walls using multiphase approach and hyperbolic constitutive model    M.Sc.    Honari, Siavash    2013-05-14
19    study on the control of surface settlement caused by shallow tunnels by using compensation grouting    M.Sc.    fouji, hamid    2013-05-14
20    The determination and comparison of the lateral bearing capacity of piles with and without caps in sand    M.Sc.    kiani rashid, kiarash    2013-07-01
21    Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbines Including Soil-Structure Interaction    Ph.D    Vatanchiyan Yazdi, MohammadVatanchiyan Yazdi, Mohammad    2014-03-02
22    study on the control of surface settlement caused by utility cut    M.Sc.    ziaei, nikoo    2014-05-05
23    Birjand segmentation in terms of the collapse of soils and its correction methods    M.Sc.    borji, mohammad    2014-05-05
24    Study on Ring Footing Behaviour by In Situ and Laboratory Plate Load Test    M.Sc.    besharati, nasser    2014-05-05
25    Seismic Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction for High Rise Building Adjacent to Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Yeganeh, Navid    2014-05-05
26    Numerical Analysis of the Land-Based Wind Turbine Foundation Using Hyperbolic Model for Soil    M.Sc.    Nazeran, Navid    2014-05-05
27    comparison of numerical and simplified calculation methods for the analysis of the piled raft foundations    M.Sc.    Haddad Sabzevar, Hanieh    2014-05-05
28    Numerical Modelling of Truss Structure System for Trench Stabilization    M.Sc.    Farahani, Vahid    2014-05-31
29    Numerical simulation of umbrella arch method in tunneling in soil    M.Sc.    torabi, forough    2014-05-31
30    Comparison micropile-raft foundation modeled with homogenization method and equivalent spring method    M.Sc.    Mianji, Peyman    2014-09-22
31    Numerical study of behavior collapsible soils on surface structures    M.Sc.    MAYABADI, MOHSEN    2014-09-22
32    development of multi-phase model for piled-raft system analysis    Ph.D    NASROLLAHI, SEYED MAHDI    2014-09-22
33    An Investigation on Analytical Techniques to Determine Seismic Response of Shallow Rectangular Tunnels in Soil    M.Sc.    Majidi, Davoud    2014-11-17
34    Experimental study on shearing behavior of problematic clayey soils mixed with tire chips under repeated loading in DST    M.Sc.    Karamad Tabrizi, Mohammad    2014-11-17
35    Ultimate bearing capacity of combined shell ring foundations in cohesionless soil    Ph.D    KAZEMI, MAJID    2015-01-12
36    Laboratory comparison of effect angular particles of soil on the surface settlement caused by tunnel excavation.    M.Sc.    alinezhad, mohammad    2015-02-16
37    Investigation of creep behavior of GFRP soil-nail systems and comparison with steel    Ph.D    Hamedmirjafari, Behrooz    2015-03-16
38    Reducing Pressure and Settlement behind integral bridge abutment using geocell and rubber    Ph.D    zadehmohamad, mehdi    2015-04-20
39    Bearing capacity of ring footings under eccentric loads with three-dimensional numerical simulation    M.Sc.    sargazi mazar biabe, omid    2015-06-01
40    Investigation of Hydromechanical and Dynamic Behavior of the Tailings Dam (Case study: The Sungun Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    Naeini, Mahdi    2015-06-01
41    Development of an Elasto-Plastic constitutive model for plastic concrete and assessing its performance to simulate the interaction of cut-off wall and foundation in embankment dams    M.Sc.    mehmandoost kotlar, masoud    2015-06-01
42    Numerical Study of Buried Pipelines under Reverse Fault Displacements    M.Sc.    monshizadeh naein, amin    2015-06-01
43    evaluation of stair method as excavation retaining structure    M.Sc.    Beyzaeii, Mahsa    2015-06-01
44    Numerical simulation of static liquefacion phenomenon by discrete element method    Ph.D    khabazian, masoud    2015-10-26
45    Numerical Simulation of Liquefaction Phenomenon and Its Effect on The Pile and Quay Wall (A Case Study)    M.Sc.    Nemati Nejad, Saeed    2015-11-23
46    Seismic Analysis of the Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction for Combined System of The Retaning structure and Main Structure in Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Najafi Nesheli, Mohammad Reza    2015-11-23
47    Soil improvement by stone columns    M.Sc.    fallahkoushki, Amin    2015-12-15
48    Numerical Simulation of Transverse Deformations of Buried Pipelines Due to Slope Instability    M.Sc.    Nouri, Reihaneh    2015-12-16
49    The effect of gradation on mechanical behavior of granular materials using Discrete Element Method    M.Sc.    zoghi, sajjad    2016-01-18
50    Numerical Modeling of Unsaturated Soils Three Phase Behavior Using Barcelona Elastoplastic Model    M.Sc.    fani, kamran    2016-03-14
51    Study Pullout capacity of helical piles    M.Sc.    Gharib, Farzad    2016-09-19
52    Bearing Capacity of Ring Founation under Combined Vertical, Horizental and moment Loading    Ph.D    sadeghifazel, amirhushang    2016-11-09
53    Experimental Investigation of nonconnected piled raft foundations    Ph.D    Malekkhani, Mohammad Jamal    2017-01-15
54    Effect of liquefied soil in the foundation on the seismic behavior of a structure    M.Sc.    Zarif, Omid    2017-02-13
55    Numerical Study Of Liquefaction In Tailings Dams (Case Study: Sungun Copper Mine Tailings Dam)    M.Sc.    naseh, faezeh    2017-02-13
56    numerical simulation of seismic behavior of rectangular tunnels in liquefiable soils    M.Sc.    rezaeian, shahab    2017-02-13
57    Structural analysis of masonry arch bridges using discrete element method    M.Sc.    Sehat, Ali    2017-02-13
58    Effect of near-field and far-field earthquake on the structures considering soil-structure interaction    M.Sc.    Golafshani, Said Sajjad    2017-02-13
59    A Two Phase Approach for Evaluating the Dynamic Behavior of Liquefiable Soils Reinforced by Piles    Ph.D    Nazeran, Navid    2017-06-10
60    Two-dimensional simulation of sand production using coupled Discrete Element/Lattice-Boltzmann model    Ph.D    Honari, Siavash    2017-07-04
61    Study on the uplift bearing capacity of helical anchors by using the Method of Stress Characteristics    M.Sc.    tarraf, majd    2017-10-09
62    Exprimental Studing of Improvment of Oil Contaminated Soils With MICP Method    Ph.D    Bolouri, Mohammad Taghi    2017-10-31
63    Experimental Study on Manual Dynamic penetrometer Device    M.Sc.    sardar, mahdi    2017-11-13
64    Experimental study of behavior of strip shell footings under axial and eccentric vertical loads using PIV    M.Sc.    sharifi, sohrab    2017-11-14
65    Numerical simulation of the pile integrity test    M.Sc.    mansoori, maryam    2018-02-03
66    Simulating the behavior of unsaturated angular granular soils using discrete element method    Ph.D    Jalalian, Mohammad Hossein    2018-02-25
67    Two-dimensional simulation of masonry arch bridge by the finite element method    M.Sc.    darvishiyan, sajjad    2018-02-26